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Unformatted text preview: 9-31-09 Types of Government (economic systems) o Communism o o Max Government Interference Public Ownership Socialism Capitalism Minimal Government Interference Private Ownership Managerial Capitalism Personal or family capitalism Communication or cooperative capitalism Frontier Capitalism - Politic al Sid e s o o o Expro pri a tio n Cr e e pi n g Expro pri a tio n Terroris m a n d kid n a p pi n g - Leg al Enviro n m e n t Ex a m 3 p a r t s 2 0 m ultipl e c h oic e q u e s tio n s 2 0 T/F q u e s tio n s Es s a y 2 q u e s tio n s (d o e s n't h a v e t o b e u b e r lon g. Writ e it lik e y o u w e r e e x pl ainin g t o a fri e n d). Es s a y p a r t h a s t o b e in p e n . Sc a n tr o n 8 8 2 ...
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