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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING Application for Project Advisors or Thesis Readers 1. Create a title page with the (tentative) title of your research project, your name, phone number, SS#, email address, and your probable date of graduation. 2. Include a brief description of your research idea, including your proposed methodology (eg. Is this a survey, a pre- and post-test design, quasi- experimental design, qualitative interview study, a review of existing documents, or some other design?) 3. Research Question(s) or queries, and, if applicable, hypothesis. 4. Discussion of subjects, recruitment, and protection of subjects: 4.1 Subjects/participants: How many participants will you try to have? If relevant, include ages, demographic criteria, and why you chose them. 4.2 Procedures you will use to obtain subjects: Describe how they will be recruited. Explain who and where the potential participants are, how they will be contacted, what will be said to recruit them and by whom. If you will be advertising or putting up signs, please include the texts of such recruitment tools. 4.3
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NURS_297_applic.forprojectadvisor - SAN JOSE STATE...

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