15B MW class - SPECIAL ALERT: The State of California is in...

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SPECIAL ALERT: The State of California is in the midst of a severe economic downturn, which is contributing to an unprecedented State Budget Crisis in the California State Legislature. To resolve this Crisis, the State Government has made deep cuts in tax-funded programs, of which San Jose State University -- as part of the California State University system – had been a major recipient, receiving 85% or more of its budget from tax dollars in the past. SJSU’s shortfall is $40 million this year alone. CSU’s most current cut of $585 million has come on the heels of recent earlier cuts to the CSU. These are now totaling $1.5 billion in fewer tax dollars out of a total $4 billion operating budget. To partially make up this shortfall, student tuition has increased 180% since Governor Schwarzenneggar took office, with a 32% tuition hike for the 2009/10 academic year alone. Student enrollment has also been restricted, with 3000 fewer students admitted to SJSU for Fall 2009 and no students admitted for Spring 2010. Tuition is expected to go up 10% a year for some time to come. Instruction for academic year 2009/10 has been cut, with fewer classes and sections available, and highly skilled faculty not re-hired. More disturbing, the CSU Chancellor has instructed all campuses to cut remediation classes, which – because of the failure of California’s K – 12 educational system -- the majority of CSU students need to acquire the skills to do university level work. While the current remediation programs already in place at SJSU have proven a big success in bringing students up to speed, the administration has unilaterally decided to experiment with ways to reduce this service, including shifting it off the academic calendar. Some of the approaches being tried are to put classes on-line, in the community colleges or in a short summer session, where costs may be higher and quality outcomes compromised. Other ideas are to bar students who fail to pass their remediation classes after the first try from attending college at all. Since this is a NEWLY CONCEIVED program change, students must inform themselves as to how the changes proposed for SJSU will negatively impact us all, and be pro-active in their opposition. Faculty have also agreed to a CSU administration request for a 2 day a month furlough – or work reduction – for the 2009/10 academic year. This translates to a 9% to 10% pay reduction and means that legally speaking all faculty must reduce their workload by that amount. Some of the furlough will be taken during general campus closure days over the year, which the campus President will determine. The rest of the workload reduction is up to instructor discretion. While faculty are committed to providing students the highest quality education they can deliver,
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15B MW class - SPECIAL ALERT: The State of California is in...

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