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Syllabus Sp 08 - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITYI Spring 2OO8...

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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITYI SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCE Spring 2OO8 INSTRUCTOR: ABI ROMERO RAMIREZ CLASS HOURS: MON-WED Lz3O -2:45 pm. E-MAIL: OFFICE HOURS: T-TH 2:OO - 3:OO pm. (Room 185) REVISED O4|OL(O8 Music LL7 - Music and Culture in Latin America COUP.SE PHILOSOPHY The purpose of this course is to trace the development of musical traditions in Latin American and promote a discussion of issues regarding the formation of musical styles that result out of cultural, socio-political and, at times, economic forces. COUF-SE DESCF.IPTION Music 117 is a one-semester course which traces the development of specific music genres in Latin America. Students will develop critical tools for analysis and understanding of the developmental process of musical traditions in Latin America and be able to discuss issues regarding the formation of specific musical forms that result from cultural, socio-political and, at times, economic forces. Students will develop arr appreciation oi musicai expression in the Latin American cultural, politicai and economic context and gain an understanding of the historical development of specific musical traditions and oF how elements from different cultures or subcultures (art versus urban popular) fused or influence each other as a result of syncretic processes. Course materials are selected from the repertoire of art, folk, and popular music traditions and are examined on the basis of several matrices such as the development of contemporary oooular and art music styles, analysis of 2Oth century developments such as mass media and the recording industry, the convergence of African, Indigenous and European styles, the cross-hybridization of folk and popular forms, including extra-continental influences such as jazz, the syncretism of African and/or Native religion and Roman Catholicism. REQUIREMENTS 1. Uooer division standing including successful passage of al! writing skills tests. 2. Internet access: This course is conducted on site (classroom), however you must have Internet access (email and web) along with the required browser capabilities to access audio, PDF, and other types of electronic files. You need to listen to the musical examples posted in the web site (Flash plug in), so make sure your computer set up is capable to do all this before you take the course. Class announcements/assignments will be posted online. 3. Listening and reading assignments. Weekly listening and reading assignments based on the material presented in class will be given. Exam items will include identification of musical examples and musical styles. 4. Oniine discussion forum; Weekly participation in the course cjiscussion is required. Consultations about course material will be conducted through the online forum so that all students can participate in the discussion. 5. Writing (300 words/page). Fulfilled by:
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Syllabus Sp 08 - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITYI Spring 2OO8...

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