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Problem 11, 135 - 14 C]NADH is introduced into an identical...

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Problem 11 (Due May 25 th ) a) Explain the reason that NADH generated in the cytosol and transported to the mitochondrion via the malate/aspartate shuttle produces only about 90% as much ATP as that produced by mitochondrially generated NADH. (HINT: The NADH mediated reduction of a carbonyl compound can be written as C O NADH NAD H C O H H b) When [4- 3 H]NADH is introduced into a suspension of rat hepatocytes containing mitochondria, tritium rapidly appears in the mitochondrial matrix. In contrast, when [7-
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Unformatted text preview: 14 C]NADH is introduced into an identical preparation, no 14 C appears in the mitochondrial matrix even after an extended incubation period. Explain the reason for the above observation. c) Propose an experimental means of determining whether a particular inhibitor of electron transport targets a compound of the electron transport chain or exerts its effects on the F o F 1 ATP synthetase....
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