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Marketing Value and total product offer: Great product at great price Everything one evaluates when buying a product. Product line, Product mix: Product differentiation: The perceived quality difference compared to competition Convenience goods: easy to buy and access Shopping goods: you actively shop around for (big ticket items) Specialty goods: imported items or items that not every retailer has the authority to sell ex. Rolex, diamonds, Jaguar, etc. Unsought goods: things you purchase only when you need to.
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Unformatted text preview: Industrial goods (business to business a.k.a. B2B) Packaging 4 Change: Importance of Packaging: Protection Attraction Information Description Price, Value, Uses Branding: What is a brand? Brand Equality Trademark Manufacturers Brand Names Private Label brands: brands by retailers or resellers that sell a product under their name. Generic Knockoff: illegal versions, creations, reproductions of products and brand symbols. Brand Loyalty Brand Awareness Brand Association...
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