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Unformatted text preview: * Xtr{t rrl,q$\o"rr\ t\$SI .\NtGt $\S\ox..s \*^ r*-k rrJi\\ be., gn N_iq* LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1 Articulate ttle Elatpnship betreen multinatpnal stctegy and ffucfure 2 LjndeEbnd how inshtutions and rerurc6 affect structure, l€rning,-nd innovahon 3 Oudine the challeng6 assiated with l€rnrng, innovabon, and knowledgE manage-ment 4 Particjpate in two [email protected] debates on multinatioEl structure, leamrn9, and rnnoEhon 5 Draw implichons for action *ilEGlEfilEff uur-nurroruaL srm*tiesaruo STRUCruRES: THE INEGRAION, RESPONsIVENESS FRAMEWORK n v ! g e 'RESSUR,ES FOR COST REDUCTI'NS AND LGAL RESPONSTVENESS integ ration-responsiveness framework - rneans by whlch MNEs prlrnarlly mnfront two sets of pressures: > glJgductlo'ls > local responsiveness lQCal resPcnsiveness - unlque consurner preferenceg and host country demands on cost reductbns S \\a.P\ 0- b2i\ STRATEGIC CHOICES global standardization strategy - reltes on developrnent and dlstrlbution of standardlzed products worldwlde to reap maximum beneflts from bw-cost advantages home replft:ation strategy - emphastzes lnternatlonal repllcatlon of horne country-bGed competencies such as prodwtlon scales, distributlon efflciencles, and brand power "rh \n r .r A -ti annr STRATEGIC CHOICES center ef excellence - MNE substdrary expltctfly recognized as a source of lmporbnt capabllftles, wlth the lntentlon that these capabllttles b€ leveraged by and/or disseminated to other subsldlarles worldwide (or glebal) mandate - charter to be responsible for one MNE functlon throughout the world transnational strategy - attempt by an MNE to *.*t"19":t "nd gj!rylg" \\Dq tf.\{ \o\'a kc I i€,3-.J-:i.Gcr1r:tl*'J,iEa6---l-|- . 'dr,+ +r t q* trl ORGAN IZATIONAL STRUCTURES as opposd to (brnestlc-responslbllltles international division - typtcatty set up when nrrns lnltially expand abroad, often engaglng in a home replicatlon strateSy...
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Ch13SlidesandNotes - Xtr{t rrl,q$\o"rr t\$SI\NtGt...

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