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Hey Shabnam, after reading your post, I can definitely relate to your experience with this class. I can’t believe it’s over either; doesn’t time just fly by when you’re having fun? Anyways, I am sure you were pretty occupied over the course of the semester, like many of are, which is probably the main reason for many of us students who chose to take the online class. I remember at the beginning of the semester, I had not a clue of how the class was going to work, until I actually met up with the professor on campus to find out about Webct. I feel like I was also getting a late start, so I rushed my first week to get the texts and keep up on the discussions. I also felt like the texts provided great insight for people working in works. Rothwell discussed and analyzed how working in small groups can be managed. The few group assignments which we had to do gave me a good idea of what to expect when working with others. I too found it very interesting seeing the material from the course
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