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MSR Review Comprehensive

MSR Review Comprehensive - San Jose State University...

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San Jose State University MSR Review Sheet RelS/Anth 122 Review of Concepts and Sources Dr. Mira Z. Amiras Deductive / Inductive Reasoning Sir Francis Bacon Models of the Scientific Method Pertti Pelto / Charles Tart PARDES — from Pshat to Sod Rabbi Akiva “In the beginning G-d created ta …” Genesis, Hebrew Bible / Kabbalah Objective / Subjective Reality Consensual Reality ‘Strangeness’ Curve George Leonard / Michael Murphy / C. Tart Unilineal Social Evolutionary Theory Lewis Henry Morgan Animism / Dynamism / Totemism Sir Edward Tylor Animism / Death / Dreams / The Soul Sir Edward Tylor Ancestor Reverence (Ancestor Worship) Sir Edward Tylor ‘Religion provides a model OF society’ Emile Durkheim ‘[in magic] no fact is purely physical’ Lucien Lévi-Bruhl Functionalist approach to MSR / P/Observation Bronislaw Malinowski Emic / Etic Sensory Shift / Deprivation / Overload Multilineal / Religion as an adaptive strategy … Felicitas Goodman ‘Mothers make magicians, fathers make Gods’ Weston LaBarre Shamanism /Core Shamanism/Neo-Shamanism Michael Harner Shamanic Dismemberment Michael Harner The Crossroads / Three-Tiered World Visible World / Visionary World Shamanism / Sorcery Michael Harner / Carlos Castaneda Childhood Trauma / Symbolic Reenactment Lenore Terr Other approaches to trauma Bruno Bettelheim / Peter Levine Plus Midterm II terms Possession, dispossession and gender & power I.M. Lewis Possession / Exorcism / Adorcism I.M. Lewis Orisha / Ifa / Examples of Ifa based religions Syncretism Nativistic Movements Ralph Linton Millenarian Movements Yonina Talmon Revitalization Movements Anthony F.C. Wallace Shifting Baseline Syndrome Jean Rouch — Les Maitres Fous — The Hauka Mass Movements / Followers Eric Hoffer Plus Final Exam terms Scientific Revolutions / Paradigm Shift Thomas Kuhn The Tetragrammaton / YHVH Ugaritic and other Ancient Near Eastern Pantheons Theory of the Image of Limited Good / Evil Eye George Foster Theory of the Leisure Class / conspicuous consumption Thorstein Veblen Two Cultures Theory C.P. Snow The Two Cultures Debate Monod, Marcuse, Ellul, Bronowski, (Poincaré)
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MSR Questions to think about For Terms and Concepts Go beyond knowing terms and associated theorists. In what ways are these ideas different from each other? In what ways are a theorist’s ideas different from the ideas that preceded his/her contribution? Why are these concepts and theoretical perspectives important?
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MSR Review Comprehensive - San Jose State University...

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