MAS 240 - Mexican American Studies 240: Applied Chicana/o...

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Mexican American Studies 240: Applied Chicana/o Studies Seminar Fall 2009, Mondays 6-8:45pm, Location: BBC 002 Marcos Pizarro, 924-5584, [email protected] Office: 34 Uchida Hall (YUH) Office Hours: Mondays 2-5:30pm, Tuesdays 9:30-11am, and by appointment Course Website: Course Description and Objectives This course integrates all of the major concepts, analyses, and theories from the core courses in Mexican American Studies, as students apply them to a specific project that is related to their post-graduation interests. The course is centered on student projects that are applications of core coursework to real-world contexts. These projects are presented at a special MAS forum at the end of the semester. The course begins with a review of the central insights and dilemmas covered in each of the 5 core courses in Mexican American Studies. Each week, we apply the material covered in a given course to a new text, current issue, and/or research project. This review culminates in the development of an analytical framework that reflects the body of knowledge and skills that students acquire in the core. Each student then applies the MAS framework to addressing an issue that will help them move toward their post-graduation goals. Students can: develop a syllabus and specific lessons for a college-level Chicana/o Studies course, complete an assessment for a social service organization, design interventions for at-risk youth, complete a policy analysis on a given issue, produce a film, develop a program or organization to address a specific need, take on an area of a thesis or project that needs in-depth, hands-on analysis, or any number of other projects. This course is the capstone course for the department. Students complete this course with a unified body of knowledge and the skills to apply that body of knowledge in the real world as they pursue their professional goals. Course Readings I will introduce short readings that we will consider in-class during the first half of the semester, usually corresponding to one of the core courses, which we will read before the discussion of that course. Many of the readings are excerpts from larger works, with the selections chosen for the purpose of introducing provocative ideas related to each core course. These readings should be available on the course website by 9/2. One or more students will be responsible for leading our discussion each week and will help us make applications to the reading. Students will also bring in outside readings to share with the class throughout the semester, which we will use as recommended readings as we go through this process. Intro: Simon Ortiz essay, “Song, Poetry and Language—Expression and Perception”
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MAS 240 - Mexican American Studies 240: Applied Chicana/o...

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