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room for desert - experience Instead of open seating like a...

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173C M 1:30 9/21/09 Room for Dessert Strengths 1. The plan and idea is very appealing to me on a personal level. Not only do I think I would enjoy a visit there, but I believe friends and family members of mine (who have different taste) will also enjoy it. 2. Although there are some substitutes, there are not many competitors that offer the same service. There are not many strictly desert dining places. 3. As far as locations and marketing and target niche goes. I believe they will be able to capture their target niche through there locations and marketing ( use partners like hotels, and spread word through execs and reviews). Weaknesses 1. I thought their floor plan could be revamped to better suit their customers
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Unformatted text preview: experience. Instead of open seating like a small restaurant. An area for more private seating should be made. (I personally didn’t like the long bench they had against the wall, I worked in a restaurant that had a very similar seating chart and I don’t think it’s a fit for their restaurant. 2. They said there prices would be on the high end for desserts. I would turn this into medium high end. The high-end prices may scare away many potential customers. 3. I don’t like their name. Room for dessert doesn’t seem to match their idea. A more elegant title will better suit their idea....
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