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HINDU VIEWS OF THE PERSON (INDIA) A_ KEY IDEAS OF THE HINDU VIEWS I_ The Microcosm-Macrocosm Relationship Atman-Brahman identity II_ Three Perspectives on the Person in Hinduism: 1_ Moksha Perspective (spiritual orientation) 2_ Dharma perspective (moral orientation) 3_ Bhakti perspective (religious orientation) B_ HINDU VIEWS OF THE DIVINE I_ Enduring Human Concerns: What is ultimate reality (the divine)? Is the divine beyond this world? Is the divine one or many? Is the divine within, not only out there? Is the divine personal, anthropomorphic? How do humans relate to the divine? II_ Aryan-Vedic Views 1_ What is the relationship between the person and the divine? 2_ Vedic scriptures a_ The Vedas (Books of Knowledge) (1) The Rig Veda (2) The Upanishads 3_ Aryan conceptions of the person and society and Vedic deities 4_ Vedic hymns and rites 5_ The late Vedic shift: outward ritualism to inner meditation and karmic morality 6_ Vedic Deities in The Rig Veda a_ Celestial: Dyaus Pitri (sky father), Varuna (vault of sky), Vishnu, Surya (sun)
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