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Geog 182 Spring 2008 Lab 3a: Introduction to Knowledge-based Classification As always, write a Word document with embedded images to describe intermediate and final results for this lab, as well as descriptions of the processes used. In the main ERDAS window, click on the big Classifier button, and select Knowledge Engineer . Create Hypotheses 1. Select Edit | New Hypothesis to add the first hypothesis.The Hypo Props (Hypothesis Properties) dialog opens with untitled.ckb in the title bar, a default hypothesis name: New Hypothesis , and the Color is set to Grayscale . 2. Change the default hypothesis Name to the first class name, Water . 3. Since you want Water to be an output class, the Create an Output Class checkbox is left checked.You are going to give colors to each of the classes. 4. Click the Specify radio button in the Color section. Then use the dropdown menu to select Blue as the color for this class. 5. Now click the Apply button in the Hypo Props dialog. A green rectangle with the hypothesis name Water and chip color displays in the edit window and an outline of the rectangle appears in the knowledge tree overview window. You probably noticed that there are diagonal lines through the hypothesis rectangle in the edit window. These lines remain until conditions have been added that can make the hypothesis true or false. 6. Click Close on the Hypo Props dialog. 7. Select Edit | New Hypothesis once again to set up the next class, Wetland . Enter the class Name and Specify Aquamarine as the color for the class. 8. Click Apply in the Hypo Props dialog to add the class. 9.
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geog182_lab3a - Geog 182 Spring 2008 Lab 3a: Introduction...

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