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Search the Classroom Technology Services Online Catalog: recreation+therapy+videos 23 item(s) were found ( hint: search may be revised at bottom of page) : 1. Adaptive Equipment (EC2893) CA 1996 VH 2. Case Studies (EC2821) CA 1997 VH 3. Clinical Supervision (EC2822) CA 1997 VH 4. Computer Applications in Therapeutic Recreation (EC2894) CA 1996 VH 5. Documentation and Behavioral Observation (EC2823) CA 1997 VH 6. Effective Listening (EC2765) CA 1995 VH 7. Feedback in Learning and Performance Situations (EC2772) HCA 1994 VH 8. History of Therapeutic Recreation Part I, II, III and To Serve a Purpose (EC2960) CA VH 9. Individual Program Planning (EC2891) CA 1996 VH 10. Interactions with People Who Have Disabilities (EC2771) HCA 1994 VH 11. Nonverbal Communication (EC2766) HCA 1995
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Unformatted text preview: VH 12. Pioneers in Therapeutic Recreation: Programs 1 and 2 (EC3041) CA 2004 VH DV 13. Professional Ethics (EC2768) CA 1995 VH 14. Professionalism in Therapeutic Recreation (EC2824) CA 1997 VH 15. Quality of Life (EC2767) HCA 1994 VH 16. Safe Transportation (EC2825) CA 1997 VH 17. Therapeutic Communication (EC2764) HCA 1994 VH 18. To Serve a Purpose (EC2935) HCA VH 19. TR History: The Formative Years (EC2769) CA 1995 VH 20. TR History: The Modern ERA (EC2770) HCA 1995 VH 21. TR Models: Health Protection/Health Promotion (EC2890) CA 1996 VH 22. TR Models: Leisure Ability Model (EC2892) CA 1996 VH 23. Transfer Techniques (EC2773) HCA 1995 VH Revise search terms below. Detailed HELP available....
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