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Listen • Speak • Engage Literature Review: Resources for panel discussion COMM-recommended example: Warren, J. T. (1999). Whiteness and cultural theory: Perspectives on research and education. The Urban Review, 31, 185-203. Informational links that may be useful: Wikipedia’s Literature Review page that includes a concise definition as well as a list of articles for further reading and links to pages on a number of university website: U.N.C. Writing Center’s handout about literature reviews that gives detailed, step-by-step instructions: http:// Literature Review Individual Presentations Your group will serve as a panel and present ideas about writing a literature review to the class. Each person will be responsible for reading and reporting on some specific example or aspect or idea.
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Unformatted text preview: Some suggestions are below. • Give a brief overview of what should be included in a literature review. Think about something you think would be a good subject for this kind of writing. How would you start writing and researching it? Give specific examples. (This question could be split between two people who talk about different subjects.) • Read the literature review by J.T. Warren listed above. I suggest that you divide this up between 3-4 people, with each person reviewing specific sections. There are 5 sections, plus an introduction, a conclusion, and a References list. For example, one person could do the overview, including the introduction and conclusion, a couple of people could split the “subject” sections, and someone could talk about what kinds of references are included. Kahn COMM 100W - Spring 2010 page 1 of 1...
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