Exam1_sheet 1 - with temperature in a Wheatstone bridge circuit 10 A Pitot Tube is a common device for quantifying fluid velocity based on

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1. Resolution is the capability of distinguishing individual units separately from one another. 2. Aliasing occurs due to Under Sampling. 3. Sensing principle used in LVDT Electromagnetic Conduction 4. The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon in which photon energy(i.e. from light) releases electrons from their otherwise more stable state on a surface 5. are the two important factors to related to temperature that need to be considered for straingages 6. Temperature-dependent resistance is the sensing principle used in Thermister 7. Pyrometer is a contact type temperature measuring device: False 8. Manometer measure pressure based on the pressure differences in liquid columns 9. Pirani Gage (resistance thermal detector) measure how the resistance of a filament changes
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Unformatted text preview: with temperature in a Wheatstone bridge circuit 10. A Pitot Tube is a common device for quantifying fluid velocity based on stagnation pressure 1. Uncertainty is an estimate of the magnitude of error, typically expressed in terms of a confidence interval within which the error lies. 5. A Quarter Bridge uses a single strain gage with three fixed resistors 7. SPL is a measurement of sound strength on a Logarithmic scale 10. A photoelectric tachometer has 24 equally spaced reflectors on the disk. If 600 cycles per second are detected the rpm of the shaft is _600/24x60 = 1500. Thermopile The thermo couple voltage is found to be 37.0mV. What is the temperature of the...
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