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Hartigan O’Connor History 15A History in Early America: Democracy in America Throughout the history of America, people were constantly searching for ways of making the country a better place to live. Even presently, the United States of America is working on improving life for its citizens. Within North America, the United Sates has transformed itself to one of the most dominant countries in world, despite the fact that the country’s age is younger than most of the countries founded in the remaining six continents. Before America could be where it stands today, the country had to develop freedom and liberty among the people. There were numerous issues within freedom that needed to be addressed by the government to its people. It took many years to establish a strong centralized government which incorporated freedom and liberty, because freedom in early America was done over a time period. Freedom in early America meant having equality among people and having access to all of the same things, no matter what kind of person you are. Under the Constitution, all people are supposed to be protected by having their own freedom. In early America, Great Britain tried to control the establishment of America. Meanwhile, liberty was important in early America because it was the reason why people moved to America. Citizens wanted freedom from government and foreign rule. Before I began writing, I went on the textbook website and selected chapter 10, Democracy in America (1815-1840), for my research. The first source which I will discuss is Link 1: Thomas Jefferson to John Holmes on the Missouri Compromise. Next, I will expand on Link 3: Jackson Forever. The third source I used
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was Link 11: Universal Suffrage. Lastly, I will address where the sources agree, where they differ, and why. On April 22, 1820, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to John Holmes that the
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paper 1 - Hartigan O'Connor History 15A History in Early...

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