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EDEL 103 Cultural Group Activity Rubric: Scoring Guidelines Portfolio Interview Report Documentation Pictures, Artifacts 3 Portfolio will include an interview (1-2 pages), report (2-3 pages), documentation, (1-2 pages) as well as pictures (3-5) pages) and/or 1-2 artifacts. Interview will address how subject perceives themselves in terms of nationality, ethnicity, culture, and religion. Interview will describe how, why, and when family came here. Report clearly distinguishes between or addresses nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, and SES. Distinguishes between immigrants and ethnic minorities. Demographic data presented in tables, graphs, and/or charts for USA, California, and Santa Clara County (or county you live in). OPTION: School data may be included. Pictures and artifacts reflect both the homeland and status within the USA. 2 Portfolio will include interview (1-2 pages), report (2-3 pages), documentation (1 page), pictures (2-3 pages) and or 1-2 artifacts. Interview will describe how,
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