I_o_syllabus_sp_2009 - San Jos State University Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology(PSYC 170.01 class number 21674 Spring Semester

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San José State University Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PSYC 170.01; class number: 21674) Spring Semester 2009 MW 9-10:15am; CL 310 Professor: Dr. Sharon Glazer Office: DMH 232 Phone: (408) 924-5639 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Mon. 12:30-3pm & Wed. 1-2:15pm; or by appointment URL: http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_detail.jsp?id=2301 Course Overview This course will provide students with an overview of the use and application of psychology in the workplace. Through the use of reading materials, lectures, personal experiences, games, and other media services, we will explore how psychologists can help improve the workplace for the individual, the group, and the organization. Topics covered include selection, personnel evaluation, attitudes, stress, leadership, and teams. Required Reading : Spector, P. E. (2008). Industrial and Organizational Behavior (5 th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Methodology 1. : As Lewin once said, “there is nothing more practical than a good theory.” In order to understand the practical application of a topic, considerable attention must paid to the “why’s” or the theory driving or deriving from it. 2. Literature Review : This course is designed to develop skills and knowledge for life-long learning in I/O Psychology, and for developing familiarity with the opportunities for research and practice. Students will work in small teams to review research literature on any pre-approved I/O Psychology topic. The research project will involve reviewing empirical literature on a topic that is of interest to you and your teammates. 3. Exams : There will be 4 exams to assess students’ understanding of the material covered in the readings and lecture. 4. Homework : Three (3) group homework projects will be given throughout the semester in order to reinforce learning of material, as well as team processes (among the core concepts in I/O Psychology and business). The experiences provided by these various assignments and classroom activities should also foster learning in important areas besides I/O psychology, e.g., study and research skills, presentation and organization skills, information technology skills, interpersonal communication and teamwork skills, decision-making skills, and planning, implementing, and evaluating skills. Evaluation/Grading -Literature Review : a 5-6 page paper (not including title page and references) that describes and discusses a chosen research topic. Paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) 5 th edition format and will be assessed according to the guidelines attached to the end of this syllabus ( 30% ). Papers must include a minimum of 8 empirical articles. Ideally, you will have at least 10 empirical articles to support your paper. -Exams
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I_o_syllabus_sp_2009 - San Jos State University Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology(PSYC 170.01 class number 21674 Spring Semester

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