Anthro 11 S 10 Ethnographic Project

Anthro 11 S 10 Ethnographic Project - Professor Salazar...

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Professor Salazar Cultural Anthropology Anth 11 Spring 2010 Ethnographic Project The project assigned for this course will provide you with some experience in doing anthropology. Although one paper does not make you an anthropologist, it should give you some sense of the difficulties and rewards of the field, and of the anthropological process. Note that the project must be based on activities that you observe or participate in during the semester, not on recollections or activities in the past . Since you are doing a project involving human beings, you are required to conform to the ethical guidelines of the discipline and San Jose State University. NO STUDENT PROJECT MAY BE UNDERTAKEN UNTIL IT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE PROFESSOR. A paragraph stating your ethnographic project proposal is due on March 16 th . The topic of your inquiry is open, although you will investigate it through the basic anthropological approach of participant-observation. You may also complete this assignment by collecting and individual’s life history or interviewing someone about his or her special cultural knowledge, but we must discuss this option before you begin. Topics have included, ballet, piano and gymnastic rehearsals, life in the lounge of a dorm or cafeteria, an ethnic festival or religious observance, the flea market, selling a car or cruising a bar, informal rules for most any job (waitress, bus driver, etc.); culture of a national laboratory, an ER, a shopping mall, sports event, children on playgrounds, thrift shops etiquette, political rallies, fund-raisers, riding elevators, using rest rooms, cell phones, ATMs etc. A key to a good project is to find something in which you are interested, which is accessible to you and which will provide you with rich descriptions that you can analyze. The time you spend performing observations will vary depending upon your topic, but
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Anthro 11 S 10 Ethnographic Project - Professor Salazar...

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