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Sam Eichenblatt A2 The switch to biofuels/biodiesel from fossil fuels will only delay the inevitable of the depletion of combustible fuels. As we run out of fossil fuels, the biofuel method is becoming more and more tempting to take, but eventually this will only cause another spike in the cost of fuels and force the development of another type of fuel. If the human race does switch from fossil fuels to biofuels than we will consume the biofuels faster than we can produce them. This will cause a high demand for oils and will put us right back in the situation that we are today. Another concern is converting all gasoline run engines to diesel engines. With millions of cars out there, everyone is not going to be willing to throw out their gas run cars, the transition will have to be a lengthy one possibly taking decades. The real solution to our fuel crisis is a renewable energy source, such as the sun. If we can develop our solar technology to run our cars, and store that energy for later use than we will no longer
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Unformatted text preview: have to worry about the price of gasoline. While this transition might take a while because of pressure from gasoline and biofuel proponents, in the long run it would end almost all energy crises. Because these developments will come sooner than the biodiesel people out-lobby the gasoline tycoons, the chances of biofuels becoming more prevalent then gasoline are slim to none. Assessment Agree Neutral Disagree The essay is well organized. The authors’ opinions are clearly stated and well supported. The introductory sentence(s) provides sufficient information regarding the topic of the essay. The requirements of the assignment are met. The grammatical errors in the essay do not detract from the overall argument and discussion. The concluding remarks reiterate the significant points made throughout the essay. Comments:...
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homework1writing - have to worry about the price of...

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