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Sam Eichenblatt Post Lab 7 topics discussion A2 The deltaT will be smaller than if all the solute was dissolved. This is because the disassociation causes the freezing temperature to drop, and if not all of the solution is dissolved then the disassociation is not completely dissolved than the freezing temperature will not drop as much as it could. The calculated molar mass would be larger because the calculated moles would be less than they actually were. The one which ionizes in water will give the lowest freezing point because molecules with more ions
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Unformatted text preview: disassociating will make the freezing point drop more. The molality is used because you must include the amount of solvent because freezing point changes with the amount of ions formed. The supercooling region is significant because the water is actually colder than the freezing point of water, and is still a liquid. This will throw off any data gathered. The vapor pressure could have been calculated by putting everything in a closed container and measure the total pressure....
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