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Unformatted text preview: GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Craig CUE 3001rnz Quiz 2 ”274(5),“; 509 1. A bar of length 50 is subjected to the loads shown. a. Find the simplest resultant h. Where along the bar should it act? (Q) E: ~mj‘+(3’/5’_z‘+4/5®zo ; x22+éf I710 : —3&-Io 1 50i%-20—88’0 : 120 I: (New nulzawfisrzofl: CoX‘x-"/2.5 2/20 of‘ 3: 2X-/0 033(16116 0'7l 9'=0—_’(Zx—/0 .42) X: 20 f...- 2. A uniform bar ABC of weight W1=500 is pinned at A. A cable is attached at C and loops over a pulley of diameter 20 and is attached to a mass of weight W2 which rests on the bar at B. a. Determine the force exerted by W2 on the bar at B. b. Find the reactions at A. l 0:2M&:»30w,p402+[007 = real/u, 4012+ WNW?) [5) 14x?- 0 . 2 4608 + (cowl-30w} 4617:1349, : wzf'ze—LJ, e: W: = Lem/2460 100 ...
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