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HW 1 - o F 4(2 points Comparing the case of problem 3...

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AOE 2104 Fall 2008 Homework Assignment #1 Due Thursday, September 4, 2008 1. (1 point) Consider the low-speed flight of the Space Shuttle as it is nearing a landing. If the air pressure and temperature of the shuttle are 1.6 atm and 425 K, respectively, what are the density and specific volume? 2. (1 point) At a point in the test section of a supersonic wind tunnel, the air pressure and temperature are 0.5 x 10 5 N/m 2 and 240 K respectively. Calculate the specific volume 3. (2 points) Calculate the weight of air (in pounds, and in newtons) contained within a room 40 ft long, 25 ft wide, and 9 ft high located in Blacksburg Virginia (altitude 2k feet a.s.l, at 59
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Unformatted text preview: o F) 4. (2 points) Comparing the case of problem 3, calculate the percentage change in the total weight of air in the room when the temperature is reduced to -10 o F, assuming that the pressure remains the same. 5. (3 points) An F-22 supersonic fighter aircraft is in a rapid decent. At the instant it passes through a standard altitude of 35,000 ft, its time rate of change of altitude is 600 ft/s. Corresponding to this rate of decent at 35,000 ft, is a time rate of change of ambient pressure. Calculate this rate of change of pressure in units of pounds per square foot per second....
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