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Dietary Analysis Lab

Dietary Analysis Lab - Stephanie Nieves LIFT 190 Dietary...

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Stephanie Nieves LIFT 190 Dietary Analysis Lab Goal – Incorporate cognitive control to increase awareness of calorie intake, expenditure (calorie balance) and food choices in order to maintain a healthy body weight. Recall that cognitive control involves regular monitoring of food choices and body weight/measurements and then making needed adjustments. Objectives: Set up a personalized nutrition and program using dotFIT Me. Track food and beverage intake for seven days Compare nutrient intake on daily food logs to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Plan a daily menu that meets daily calorie needs and current recommendations Enter your weight after one week to determine if you’re on track to reaching your goal Instructions/Activities: I. Create a personalized nutrition program: Go to the dotFIT website using your university-issued access information and click Login in the top right corner. Enter the username and password provided by your instructor. Click the View My Program button. Follow the on screen instructions to create your program. Select one of the six goals which will help you achieve or maintain a healthy body weight. Here
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are some important tips: o Be sure to enter your height in inches o On the Personal Statistics page, select “No” to the question “Will a Fitness Professional at your gym be coaching you on this program?” o On the Personal Statistic page, select “Weight only” to track your progress.
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