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Anth/Soci/Psyc 193 Synthesis Presentation In a well-coordinated team effort, you will present a 20 minute powerpoint (bring laptop and backup CD or flash drive), discussing the topic you chose. In that presentation you will orally communicate, using examples from Learning a New Land, the methods used to collect and analyze information, the main findings, and implications for action or policy. Highlight the difference made my using a multi-disciplinary approach. Each member of the team is expected to contribute to the presentation and a team self-evaluation will be made to assess the contribution of the members (see reverse side) Prompts: 1. What is your topic? 2. What were the main sources of information used in Learning a New Land to address this topic? 3. What were the various methods used for data collection and analysis that were used? 4. What are the important findings or stories related to your topic? 5.
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presentation_template - Anth/Soci/Psyc 193 Synthesis...

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