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HOW TO INTERVIEW Suggestions for the Teacher ESTABLISH RAPPORT Setting--establish security Sit facing the student Discuss confidentiality Protect yourself: (1) Position yourself so you can be seen by others. (2) Leave the door open. Lean forward to show interest. USE AGE APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE STATE THE PURPOSE OF THE INTERVIEW “I am concerned about . ..... “I noticed” REMEMBER. ..... Focus on the student. Your experiences may be interesting, but usually do not enhance the interview. Listen attentively Don’t suggest answers Wait. ...don’t say anything until the student responds Avoid preconceived ideas, values, biases WHAT IS AN OPEN-ENDED QUESTION? EXAMPLES: “Tell me about. ...” or “Describe.
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Unformatted text preview: ...” Refocus and clarify as needed Use WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN questions ENCOURAGE: Expression of feelings “How do you feel about that?” or “How does that make you feel?” Use silence, “ummmm”, or repeating the last word the student said to show interest, allow thinking time, and to get the student to talk. CAUTION. ... IF ASKED A PERSONAL QUESTION: Redirect back to the student Remember to keep confidentiality TERMINATE State the plan Comment on positive behavior of the student during the interview Remember, in the real world you will see the student again, so if you missed cues, you can re-open the conversation...
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How To Interview lecture.cwk (WP) - ...” Refocus and...

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