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exam 1-1 Answer Key - Exam 1 Fundamentals of Neurobiology...

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Exam 1 Fundamentals of Neurobiology February 2008 Name: __________________________________________ Choose the answer choice that best answers the question or completes the sentence. 1. The dorsal roots just outside the spinal cord contain only __________ nerve fibers. These fibers __________ A) sensory ; carry information to the brain B) sensory ; carry information from the brain C) motor ; carry information from the brain D) motor ; are bidirectional (carry information both to and from the brain) E) motor ; carry information to the brain 2. Galen's study of sheep brains was the basis for a theory of brain function that prevailed for almost 1500 years. Which of the following represents this view? A) Personality traits are correlated with the dimension of the skull B) Nerves function as wires and send electrical signals from the brain to the muscles C) The ventricles are the most important part of the brain D) The heart is the center of intellect and the brain is the cooling system E) The brain consists of two different types of matter; grey matter and whiter matter 3. In neurons dying in Alzheimer's disease ______________ A) Tau protein that normally stabilize microtubules becomes tangled up B) axoplasmic transport stops C) SNARE proteins are cut-up and form plaques D) A and B are both correct E) A, B and C are all correct 4. What is the name of of the channels at gap junctions? A) SNAPs B) Metabotropic channels C) Synaptotagmins D) Connexons E) Voltage gated channels
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Version 1 5. Which of the following channels in the active zones of the synaptic terminal open when the membrane depolarizes and causes the release of synaptic vesicles? A) Neurotransmitter-gated calcium channels B) Voltage-gated sodium channels C) Voltage-gated potassium channels D) Neurotransmitter-gated potassium channels E) Voltage-gated calcium channels 6. Why is the threshold for firing an action potential at -40 mV? A) Because the direction of the sodium current reverses at -40 mV B) Because a large number of voltage gated sodium channels open at -40 mV C) Because -40 mV is in between the equilibrium potential of potassium and sodium D) Because voltage gated potassium channels close at -40 mV E) Because leak channels open at -40 mV 7. Choose the correct statement(s) applying to action potentials A) The amplitude of an action potential stays the same as the action potential travels down the axon B) Action potential velocity is faster in a small diameter axon compared to a large diameter axon C) A more intense stimulus results in an action potential of longer duration than a less intense stimulus D) A and C are both correct E) A, B and C are all correct 8. Which of the following is true for the AMPA receptor? A)
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exam 1-1 Answer Key - Exam 1 Fundamentals of Neurobiology...

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