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Commodity Chain Analisys

Commodity Chain Analisys - Anthro 115 October 27th 2008...

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Anthro 115 October 27 th , 2008 Commodity Chain Analysis Toys have been around for an extremely long time and will continue to exist among children as play items. But never, in history has the process of building toys affected so many people in so many different areas of the world. When purchasing a commodity like toys, one should consider impact the consumption of the commodity has on the land and people of the world. You have to realize that simple things like toys or consuming an orange can be doing harm to a group of people, an area of land or even yourself. In today’s, capitalistic society all commodity’s are in someway received through doing some type of business transaction. More and more business are growing into large multinational corporations who mass-produce items and have to transport multiple objects across vast stretches of land. Corporations do not act in the best interest of the people or the environment and past and present incidents in the past go on to prove that the governments of the world do not properly regulate corporations. Since corporations cannot thrive without having a massive customer base, it is up to the consumers to be aware of any damage being caused by purchasing their goods. If a corporation is doing harm in some way, consumers need to purchase items from a corporation that is taking a more ethical approach in its practices. Nearly all toys that can be purchased from toy vendors are products of transnational corporations. Many of these toy companies have their headquarters and manufacturing sites in different countries. Many American toy producers have their engineering and market and research headquarters in America and they purchase goods that are made by foreign laborers in foreign factories. The distributing plans, engineering and design of the toys are done in America and then sent to foreign country, now days China. In China, labor is substantially cheaper, so cheap it justifies having to pay for all the shipping cost and the risk of having to place manufacturing duties in the hands of foreign factories and managers. Toys are then mass-produced and placed in the hands of a shipping company. The company then delivers the toy to a distributor such as Toys-R-
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us or Wal-Mart. Then they are purchased by consumers and used for sometime till they are given or thrown away. Through out all the steps taken to design, manufacture and get
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Commodity Chain Analisys - Anthro 115 October 27th 2008...

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