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Ling 122 - Sp 10 syllabus revised 2-1-10

Ling 122 - Sp 10 syllabus revised 2-1-10 - San Jose State...

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San Jose State University Linguistics/Asia 122-01: English as a World Language Spring 2010 REVISED 2-1-10 Section: 1 Room: CL 218 Instructor: Thom Huebner Times: MW 9:00-10:15 Telephone: 408-924-1375 Office: Clark 404C Office Hours:MW 3:00-4:30 & and by appointment Email: [email protected] Required Texts: Kachru, Yamuna & Larry E. Smith. 2008. Cultures, Contexts, and World Englishes . Routledge. Rickerson, E. M. and Barry Hilton, eds. The 5-Minute Linguist . Equinox. A Course Reader, available at Maple Press (San Carlos between 10 th and 11 th; 408-297-1001) Course Description: This course surveys the ways in which and the purposes for which English is used in diverse societies and cultures around the world, including the United States. It also examines social, cultural, economic, and political implications of the spread of English for international and cross-cultural communication. [This course satisfies three units of SJSU Studies under category V: Culture, Civilization and Global Understanding. Prerequisites are upper division standing (at least 56 units completed), completion of Core GE requirements, passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST), and completion of or concurrent enrollment in 100W.] Student Learning Outcomes (GE): Upon completion of this course, students should be able to – GELO1: Compare systematically the ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, economic structures, technological developments, or attitudes of people from different societies. GELO2: Identify the historic context of ideas and cultural practices in their dynamic relations to other historical contexts.. GELO3 Explain how a culture changes in response to internal and external pressures. Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):
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In meeting these general SJSU Studies objectives, upon completion of the course students will be able to - CLO1: Identify the historical context in which English has been introduced and spread across societies, and to recognize the dynamic relationships between these language changes and other social, political, economic, religious, and cultural changes. CLO2: Compare systematically the linguistic forms and the communicative functions of English as it is used by diverse societies and cultures, both in Western and non-Western countries. CLO3: Identify the distribution of political and economic power as it is correlated with proficiency in Standard English in diverse societies around the world. CLO4: Compare systematically patterns and purposes of language variation among cultural groups, such as code-mixing and code-switching with English in India and the Philippines, and lexical borrowing from English in Mexico, Japan, and Korea. CLO5: Explain how attitudes toward English change in response to internal and external pressures. CLO6: Identify the ways in which varieties of English from around the world influence patterns of language use among immigrant communities in the United States.
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Ling 122 - Sp 10 syllabus revised 2-1-10 - San Jose State...

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