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Sigma Theta Tau,Int. Alpha Gamma, Nursing in the New Millennium, Dr. Connolly 1/29/04 Sigma Theta Tau, International, Alpha Gamma Chapter Nursing in the New Millenium, January 29, 2004 Phyllis M. Connolly PhD, APRN, BC, CS “So many in the health system are benefited by illness that it is enormously challenging to shift to a health focus. Economic realities are forcing the change where good sense could not” (Wilson Krueger, Porter-O’Grady, 1991, p.14). “Nursing’s responsibility is awesome—in patient care and also in creating a new society—and the nurses who will lead this movement are nursing administrators who have embraced the values of caring and will bravely move the philosophy of caring into the dominate place in health care systems and in society.” (Nyberg, 1998, p. 209) Objectives After attending this session participants will be able to: 1. Discuss the needed changes in the health care environment to provide safe effective care 2. Describe the competencies needed for the health care leader of the 21 st Century 3. Discuss transformational leadership
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Sigma_Theta_Tau_Jan_2904 - Sigma Theta Tau,Int. Alpha...

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