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NURS 236A Greensheet MS: 236A-GS rev. f 03 revf06;rev f08 1 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing NURSING ADMINISTRATION THEORIES AND CONCEPTS & PRACTICUM I NURS 236A 3 Units U COURSE DESCRIPTION Emphasis on administrative concepts necessary for management of a health care system in a diverse environment. Opportunity for experience in the nurse administrator role in a practicum with supervision. U PREREQUISITES OR CONCURRENT COURSES NURS 200, NURS 202, NURS 204, NURS 246 U COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. evaluate the applicability of management concepts and theories to health care systems; 2. contrast current models and theories of resource management; 3. distinguish between effective and ineffective administrative/leadership styles within a given health care system context; 4. analyze management strategies for creating and maintaining health care systems for designated populations at risk;. 5. analyze patterns of interaction within a health care system from psychological, sociological, political, and economic perspectives; 6. examine ethical issues associated with resource management and allocations to selected populations at risk; 7. synthesize strategies for addressing selected administrative and leadership problems; 8. select appropriate information and data base systems and strategies to manage care within a rapidly changing health care environment; 9. apply appropriate change theories for an identified nursing administration problem and, demonstrate core competencies of nursing leader.
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NURS 236A Greensheet MS: 236A-GS rev. f 03 revf06;rev f08 2 STANDARDS This course meets the AACN Essentials of Master’s Education for Advanced Practice Nursing. In addition the course incorporates the American Nurses Association Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators. COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Approx 4 hours/week or 54 hours (6 hours) of 54 are for participation in clinical supervision in the Elluminate meeting room) for the semester which include: 1.1 Ongoing administrator role responsibilities, based on ANA Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators (2004) 1.2 Weekly journal and log 1.3 Preparing on-going portfolio 1.4 Scheduled meetings with preceptor 1.5 Participation in online clinical reflections as scheduled 1.6 Updated immunizations & any required background checks 1.7 A copy of current professional liability insurance 1.8 A copy of current CPR certification 1.9 A copy of personal medical insurance 1.10 A copy of current California RN license.
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