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Recreation 90 Instructor: B.J. Grosvenor Foundations of Leisure & Recreation Homework Chapter 1 - Leisure and Life Satisfaction 1) Review the generational views of leisure. (pages 3-4) Generate a written reflection of your parent’s view of leisure and your generation’s view of leisure. 2) What are your current status symbols associated with leisure/recreation? (page 5) 3) What are the external standards of appraisal you use to measure your own levels of life satisfaction? (pages 12-13) 4) Review the list of 12 reasons why leisure service organizations exist. (pages 15-17) In your own ideal organization, which of these reasons would you include? List the ones you chose and create a detailed justification for your answers. 5) Review the list of (7) seven factors/motivations for the pursuit of leisure opportunities. (pages 19-20) Which, if any of these relate to you? Justify your decision. 6) What are your personal constraints (page 25) that impede you from engaging in leisure? Homework - Chapter 2 - The World of Leisure, Recreation and Play 1) Why is it necessary to define the terms leisure, recreation and play. Provide a detailed justification for all three words separately. (page 30) 2) What is your own personal definition of the word leisure, recreation and play? Create your responses from your life experience not the text. I will be interested to read your definitions based on your life experience before taking this class. 3) When reflecting on your own satisfying leisure experience (pick one to reflect upon), did you experience freedom, perceived competence, or intrinsic motivation? State which ones, if any you experienced. In depth, responses are expected. 4) Review the (7) Ways of Viewing Leisure. (pages 33-38) Which philosophy best describes your current orientation? Provide your reasoning after careful reflection and consideration. 5) Review the (2) two major theories linking work and leisure. (page 40) Does your life reflect one of these two theories? Which one? If neither - explain as well. 6) Reflect on the definition of recreation. (page 42) What does that definition mean to you personally? Is this representative of what is current in your life? Discuss your response in detail.
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Recreation 90 Instructor: B.J. Grosvenor Foundations of Leisure & Recreation Homework Chapter 3 Part A - Leisure: A Historical Perspective 1) Quote - "Present understanding often stems from knowledge of the past." Review the section - Why Do We Study History? (page 52) Reflect upon this statement in relation to your own life. Provide a specific and detailed reflection of when you used history to provide you with information to solve a current day problem. 2)
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recls_90_assignments_grosvenor - Recreation 90 Foundations...

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