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Review Questions Chapter 10 - depth perception will be lost...

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Review Questions Chapter 10 From Textbook 1. Following a bicycle accident, you are disturbed to find that you are unable to see anything in the left visual field. Where has the retinofugal pathway been damaged? 2. What part of the visual field is represented in the left LGN? 3. What is parallel processing in the visual system? Give two examples. 4. If a child is born cross-eyed and the condition is not corrected before the age of 10, binocular
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Unformatted text preview: depth perception will be lost forever. This is explained by a modification in the circuitry of the visual system. Based on your knowledge of the central visual system, where do you think the circuitry is modified? Other Review Questions 5. Name three other targets (other than LGN) of retinal ganglion cells and indicate what each pathway is specialized for. 6. What are areas MT and V4 concerned with?...
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