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Listen • Speak • Engage Marketing Writing:  The FruttiVeggi Place Project You have received some miscellaneous background information about a fictional company called The FruttiVeggi Place. Before you begin, think about these basic marketing ideas: • Make sure you understand the difference between features and benefits. Features are the characteristics of the product. Benefits are what the product’s features mean for the end user (customer.) When you’re articulating your message, remember that people don’t buy features – they buy benefits. • In a marketing transaction, there are various different entities involved. There is always a customer, and there is always an originator of the product. Along the way, there may be many other entities, including resellers of various kinds (e.g. distributors, dealers, retailers), media, advertising or public relations agencies, etc. The specific path the product follows (when it is making its way from its originator to its customer) varies by industry, location, custom, and other factors. Marketing writing may be used at any part of the path. As a writer, make sure your content and language matches the purpose of the piece. Marketing writing is one of the most purpose-driven types of writing that exists. Organizing Information and Making a Plan The information on the “Frutti-Veggi Place Facts” handout is a series of unordered pieces of information. Think of it as a collection of emails, old brochures, notes written on napkins, etc. This is how a publicist or marketer often starts, with a collection of facts from a variety of sources. Questions to help organize the FruttiVeggi information in your own head:
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KahnHOMarketing_2 - Listen Speak Engage Marketing Writing:...

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