La Fleur-Death of the Buddha

La Fleur-Death of the Buddha - only eating At sevenTy-nine...

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Unformatted text preview: only eating At sevenTy-nine years of aGe Sakyamuni, The Buddha was stiL an iTineranT Teacher in India, waLkinG from Town To town and sToppinG for food and sheLTer at the homes of persons who had become Lay members of his GrowinG community of dis cipLes. AmonG these aymen There was a Great eaGerness to provide hospitaity for the Buddha not onLy because such hospitaLity was considered a Great virTue by Indians in GeneraL but aLso because iT Gave These Buddhists a chance To pracTice the virtue of GivinG or dina-A word ThaT incidentaLy is a distanT reLative of the EnGLish word "donaTion his virTue was considered The Frst step on the road to enLGhtenment uch hospitaiTy aso Gave such aypersons an opportuniTy to be cLose to the man they most admired in aLL The word IT had now been at LeasT foryfive years since that niGhT when Skyamuni as a Man deTermined to stay rooted in the LoTus posTure doinG meditation unT his GoaL was reaLized had atTained eniGhTenmenT under a tree ouTsde the city of Bodh aya his The nirvana That came aTer a niGht of The most inTense kind of struGGLe was the foundaTion for a he tauGhT durinG the subsequent decades of his Life IT was this transformation ThaT made it possibLe for peope to refer to h as the Buddha or EniGhTened One But now he was amost eiGhTy not ony od but aLso weaRy ince eveRyThinG TerrifyinG about death had aLready been met and overcome by him on The niGhT of his Great eniGhtenmenT dyinG was now somethinG he couLd meet wiTh perfecT Tran of mind. KnowinG thaT he woud never return to VaisH the one city where he had spent much time he stopped over in a manGo Grove durinG his journey A smith named Chunda heard that the Buddha was nearby and took this opportuniTy to inviTe him and his discipLes To his home for a mea the next day e wenT and issued an invitation By siLence the siGn of consenT Skyamuni accepted Chunda's offer of hospiTaLiTy BeinG a smith Chunda was not of hiGh caste in India aLThouGh this did not necessariLy mean that he was poor In any case he prepared The best meaL he couLd It was comprised of sweet rice cakes and some additionaL foodstuff that we today cannot easiLy idenTify Yet this The mysTerious item on the menu Turns out to have been The one of critica impoRance for The evenTs of The neXt day I, Therefore needs some expLanation i was a dish that the texTs caL sukaramaddhava, and it ceaLy seems to have someThinG to do with piGs (he first syLabLe of this phrase is probaby inked by the LonG ancestra ines of The IndoEuropean LanGuaGe famiLy To The Tin word sus an Od EnGLish word su and even perhaps our modern EnGish word "sow) It is mporTanT To note that The exact meaninG of this word has troubed Buddhists for a LonG time and has been a reason for much disaGree ment amonG modern schoars as weL he reasons for this are inTeresTinG...
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La Fleur-Death of the Buddha - only eating At sevenTy-nine...

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