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Political Science 100W Terry Christensen Local Politics Office Business Tower 453 Fall 2004 Telephone (408) 924-5565 MW 1330 E-mail: terrychr@email.sjsu.edu Office Hours MW 12-1, 3-4:30 & by appointment Welcome to Poli Sci 100W, the Writing Workshop. This is really a workshop, not a traditional class, so we’ll be working together to develop our writing and communications skills as political scientists. Class will function as a practical, working laboratory. We’ll review the basics of writing, including grammar, spelling and organizing our thoughts, and we’ll also practice writing in a range of forms used by a variety of professions relating to political science. You’ll have a chance to meet and talk with diverse practitioners who will join our class for conversations about their work. You’ll also have an opportunity to consider the many career options available to political science majors through various assignments and as you meet our guests. Our goal as a class is to help you succeed by polishing your writing skills. Course Objectives: In Poli Sci 100W, students develop advanced proficiency in writing and research. The Writing Workshop reinforces and advances the abilities developed in English 1A and 1B. You’ll also learn more about the types of jobs and careers open to political science majors. In this course, you will develop your proficiency in: writing with ease—lots of short assignments will help achieve this. writing concise prose using correct grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation. oral communication through class discussion, in-class critiques of writing assignments and interviewing. organizing your thoughts to write convincing and interesting papers, reports, exams, etc. understanding different types of writing for political science, including conference papers, journal articles, research papers, reports, policy briefs, executive summaries, letters, op ed pieces and more. researching topics using varied sources, including books, journals, government documents (on the Web and in the library) and websites—and assessing the value of these sources. citing sources according to American Political Science Association standards. Format: This class will combine lecture and discussion, with more of the latter and less of the former later in the semester. You must come to class having read the assignments. Regular attendance is expected along with standard classroom courtesy (no cell phones, no beepers, no newspaper reading, etc.). Late arrivals, early departures and disruptions of class in any form are unacceptable. The class will address writing in a discussion format. We’ll spend a lot of time critiquing one another’s writing in class. You are expected to treat your classmates (and your instructor) with courtesy and dignity. Comments should be addressed to the topic at hand: never the personality, race, ethnicity, religion or gender
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100w_f04 - Political Science 100W Local Politics Fall 2004...

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