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Linguistics/Asia 122: English as a World Language San José State University Spring 2010 Reflective Response Paper on the Video “American Tongues” Dear Students, Thank you your participation in the class. I will use the following checklist in evaluating and grading your paper. 1. Whether your paper includes certain phases in accordance with the instruction in the Greensheets: Descriptive Phase Personal/Interpretative Phase Critical/Analytical Phase Creative/Application Phase. 2. Whether your paper is written with clarity and coherence. 3. Whether your analysis includes the following important points (at least 4): the tendency of people to rely on accent to stereotype others;
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Unformatted text preview: the significance of an accent (e.g. for identity or social function); the future of regional accents; the important role(s) that the assumed Standard Dialect plays in societies; any weakness in the documentary. whether you draw a lesson from the video, e.g. to free oneself from the belief that people with certain accent are better or worse than us. 4. Whether your paper has enough content (pages 2-3) as stated in the Greensheets. Please remember that you will turn in your paper both on Turn-It-In dot com and as a hard copy on the deadline day in class. With best regards, Thom...
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