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Web Material STDs F09

Web Material STDs F09 - STDs/STIs outline Introduction to...

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STDs F09, ©Mukhopadhyay 2009, p. 1 STDs/STIs: outline Introduction to Unit: Sex as delightful but dangerous, debilitating, destructive. STDs: sexually transmitted but also “socially” transmitted; “stigma”; STDs can be transmitted in other ways. “nature” but “social-cultural” Global dimensions: world-wide, cross-national links Contextual factors: Incidence reflects cultural, social & economic, religious factors E.g. HIV/AIDS: sex workers & condom use & religion[Catholic Church] E.g. double standard; def. of masculinity; class issues; comfort with sexuality & body; cultural conservatism re: sex; Linkages: btwn stds, commercialization, coercion; importance of context; global dimensions; social dimensions E.g. HIV, sex trade, coercion. E.g. Violence-war-comfort women-congo-bosnia; e.g. China: selling blood in Wenlou, Henan Province. The problem: what are stds; incidence; us; world Issues and Risk Factors: overview Safe/r Sex Strategies: absti, mast, safer sex Nuts and Bolds of STDs:
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