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Ling/Asia 122: English as a World Language Spring 2010 Video: ‘The Story of English – Part I’ Discussion Questions 1. In what domains had English become a world language by 1986? Has anything changes in the last 23 years? 2. How did Public School English (Received Standard) come to be? What kinds of attitudes do some people have toward it? Do similar attitudes exist in the U.S. toward other varieties? Other languages? 3. Why was English maintained as an official language in India after independence? In what domains is it used? Do you know of other areas of the world where English is an official language for the same reason? 4. Why did Creole English establish itself in Africa? What is the role of English in Africa? Are there situations that you are familiar with in which
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Unformatted text preview: one variety is used for interpersonal communication and another is taught in school? 5. When did American English (AE) begin to become influential in the world? What are some varieties of AE mentioned in the film that have influenced world English? Can you think of other examples? 6. Because the movie was made in 1986, there are a number of references and images that today seem out of date, for example, the Soviet Union, Pan Am, the World Trade Center, the Super Sonic Transport (SST), the use of typewriters, the mention of old slang and the individual currencies of the countries of Europe. Did you notice any others?...
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