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Essay #2: Out-of-class Critique M. Hager, ENGL 1B, Spring 2010 Due: February 18, 2010 Point Total: 100 points, 10% of English 1B grade Assignment: Throughout the semester, you will develop your own argumentative essays, and it is important to first recognize the qualities of what you consider to be an effective argument. For this assignment, you will critique one of the argumentative pieces that we have studied in class. Support your analysis with specific textual examples , and carefully follow the essay organization that is detailed in our informational handout, “Writing a Critique.” I highly recommend that you use this handout as a general resource as you are writing your paper. Choose one of the following essays to critique: Jenkins, “Art Form for the Digital Age” Sternheimer, “Do Video Games Kill?” Rountree, “In Defense of Hip-Hop” McLune, “Hip-hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” Bok, “Aggression: The Impact of Media Violence” Wallis, “The Wrong Lesson: Teaching College Reporters to Be Meek”
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