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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY 1HISTORY/POLITICAL SCIENCE 15B SYLLABUS Spring 2010, Section 6 Tuesday/Thursday, 09:00 class DMH 150 INSTRUCTORS and OFFICE HOURS Prof. Robert Cirivilleri Prof. Constantine Danopoulos Office: DMH 141 Office: CH 449 Office Hours: MW 3:00-4:00 pm Office Hours: Tues/Thurs: 7:00-7:30, 8:45-12:00 TR 1:00-200 pm and by appointment and by appointment Phone: 924-5540 Phone: 924-5555 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] COURSE TEXTS HISTORY: Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation, Vol II: 1865 to the Present , 2 nd or 3 rd ed. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore J. Lowi and Margaret Weir, We the People: An Introduction to American Politics, 7 th ed. ISBN 9780393932140 Larry N. Gerston and Terry Christensen, California Government and Politics: A Practical Approach , 10 th ed. ISBN 978-0-495-56650-2 Course Description : History 15A/B is a two-semester, team-taught course. When taken in consecutive semesters, and taught by the same instructors, History 15A/B fulfills the State of California's ideals and institutions requirements for US History, US Constitution, and California Government. When successfully completed, History 15A/B counts for six units of General Education requirements in social sciences and comparative systems. Keep in mind that you must complete the entire two-semester sequence in order to fulfill the requirements and earn the six semester credits. Either semester alone will satisfy none of the requirements. If you have already taken PoliSci 1 or PoliSci 101, you may not take History 15A/B. Course Goals : History 15A/B is designed to increase your understanding of social, economic and political events that shaped our present American society and institutions. History 15A/B will examine both conventional and alternative interpretations of historical events and political processes that have shaped our modern economic, political and social systems. This information will be presented in a multi-cultural framework, including both conflict and consensus perspectives, of the choices and options available to individuals and groups in their social, economic and political relations. The focus will be on the development of a multi-cultural society and the interactions, including cooperation and conflict, as these many and varied peoples have dealt with social, economic and political issues. Student Learning Objectives : You will learn to analyze current social and political events, relate them to their historical precedents and recognize the individual roles played by the many elements that make up our diverse society. Through diverse reading assignments, the text and lectures, you will learn about American history, government and institutions from the nation's beginnings to our present society. By the end of the two-semester course, you should be able to recognize the key events and issues that formed the nation, and be able to explain the interactive role of those events in producing today's political, social and economic attributes, problems and
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15B TR 0900 Constantine-1 - 1 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY...

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