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CA 177 Final Spring 2010 Interdisciplinary Arts for Beginning Teachers: Final Assignment Partner Integrated Lesson Plan Teaching (5%) due dates are individual Integrated Lesson Plans (15%) – Thursday May 14th 1. Hard-copies of your four lesson plans. You must indicate on the top of this portfolio if you are going to retrieve your lessons or not. 2. Electronic copies of your four lesson plans uploaded to our class wiki at: . Instructions for uploading are on the wiki. 3. Filled out Self Assessment Rubric of your final lesson plans (see back of this page) 4. Filled out class participation rubric Requirements for the Integrated Lesson Plans: (15%) Choose a grade level that you would like to teach. Develop 4 lesson plans for that grade level. Each lesson plan must: 1. Conform to the format we are using for lesson planning; 2. Include one Creative Arts discipline (drama, music, dance, and visual arts) and one non-arts discipline (math, science, history/social science, and language arts) in each lesson. Each discipline must be used only once. 3. Include at least one California State Content Standard from each discipline. 4. BOTH disciplines must be taught in the lesson. This means that if the Music Standard you are using requires that students (1.4) Identify simple musical forms, you must teach them about simple musical forms. Likewise, if you are incorporating math standards in the lesson, you must teach those standards too . Do not assume that students already have met the standards. 5. Be “ready to use,” which means that they must include a copy of all handouts, worksheets, PowerPoints, rubrics, example of a finished product (if necessary), and so on. If there is explanatory or lecture information necessary for implementation of the unit, include it. 6. At least one of the lesson plans has a rubric for assessment.
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Final - CA 177 Final Spring 2010 Interdisciplinary Arts for...

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