Dionysius_or_Bacchus_Myth_by_Ovid - METAMORPHOSES BOOK IIi...

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Unformatted text preview: METAMORPHOSES BOOK IIi [95 ] By calling wise Tsias t cour . TO b theiR judgEe who knew wll enough Th two exemes of VenUs' subtle a: . ne day while walking though a Gn-gwn w He ust his sck Bten two Monsously Lage Ad lovejoined seNts (a en, A mi cle!) was canged into a womaN and s Woma lived fo sven auuns Ten s he came to T eighth aumn he saw Te same two cas in the ac of love nd stopPd to say ."Il micles ae de To those who sike at you sex is canged I sike again" nd so he did; at once His gende shifted to his sex at bith Thefoe when asked sele his light q ur l O gs he took the par of Jove nd Satu's daughte (who was oFenDed Mo dly she ad a ight to B) aed judge isias to ete blindnes; Then since no g ha we to unmake W othe gs may <0 Jove the kind fae f them all gave isi fo los f sight gi of pphecy an ho t made the dkness of s doom muc lite bCho ND NCssUs Thughout te citie of Boa Tiesias had Come a famous m; hose wh came to him f advice cld not eny the we his wit in popQecy; he st test of his we to tell th ame om LiioP, a wateady hom ephisus aPd within a winding bok nd nealy doned he Ten iN e due tIme he pey gi gav bith a swee cld 1 son so chaming even as a baby hat he inspied gils wih thghts of lve call y acissus hen she asked iesis how long he child would live o gat old age? e pophet answe nly f neve he ces Kow himlf Then fo \ long time ae this his popy In those days Echo was fAr moR ThaN voice; She h a bdy and. oug Garlous o furr GFs of spech th w in short T a of takn, m much sad tH last ew words Juno ad maD Hr so; i t one By when JunO mGht have stl Jove n the Arms of ls Qn mountansides, cho KePt Juno in lonG cnversatons Until the Grls had n away Wn Juno sCovere this she sad " tonGue which has eived me shall make nthinG But the r rief noises of e fewest wos heRfore It e Bt tht cho ' s sh was cut, Yet she Rtains the last sounds that she hears, nd says tem k aGan to those around her e day she saw the wAndenG ssus Sll uGh the foRst, sy he Ld, i with love, to follow m; ad as she ame closer to s side. very s o f es inc her heat she was as sPur t the P of toes PnG t R .- hen aNther me leans tow t She onGed o lur him wth s ws. with-Gsh rayers ut nG what she was se could n Mke Sounds come; sH had to wait until she Wods sd. en foow them in her wn voice eanwhile aissus. sayed fm all his frends, eanwhile aissus....
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Dionysius_or_Bacchus_Myth_by_Ovid - METAMORPHOSES BOOK IIi...

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