169 paper spr 2010 - 1 American Studies 169 * The American...

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American Studies 169 * The American Dream * Section 01 Guenter * Paper Assignment-Spring 2010 Tuesday, February 23, 2010 For this assignment, you are to combine an exploration into family history with research into some aspect of culture studies, the arts, the humanities, or the social sciences that enhances our deeper and broader understanding of the cultural context of some significant event you select to examine in your family history. PART ONE. Topic Selection You need to select some event or turning point in the life experience of an ancestor or family member in his or her pursuit of happiness or success in America—in pursuit of his or her version of the American Dream. This could vary widely, based on whom you select to write about and just what his or her perception of happiness or success included. Talk to family members and older relatives to help you pick the right person from your family tree. Perhaps you’ll also consult old photo albums, scrapbooks, diaries, or other family documents. For strategies on getting oral history information from older relatives, see “How To Interview a Relative” at http://genealogy.about.com/cs/oralhistory/ht/interview.htm And to help get some ideas for how to proceed, also take a look at “Fifty Questions for Family History Interviews” at http://genealogy.about.com/cs/oralhistory/a/interview.htm By Thursday, March 4, you are to submit to the instructor a paragraph summary briefly
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169 paper spr 2010 - 1 American Studies 169 * The American...

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