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Apocolyptic Theology

Apocolyptic Theology - -People need to repent for sin turn...

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-Apocalypicism: 2 powers at work in world, power of evil & power of good -Evil appears to have upper hand at moment -Jews Polytheistic= Power of evil can’t be as powerful as power of God -God has permitted power of evil for short time & reason -Why? God is looking ahead to new creation -Let nature run course, things have to get worse before they get better -World we live in dominated by evil rulers -EX: Romans,Corrupt Priests -Headed towards disaster -God will intervene when matters get to worst possible point & then God will set things right -Injustice will be reversed when God raises dead & judges everyone for what they’ve done -All things will be made new -Ancient prophets, Deutaronomy -People of god suffer (military defeat, disease) only when they disobey god -Suffering is punishment for sins -Apocalyptic view -rightious person suffers -because of righteous -because evil has upperhand in world -God is not injust -Cares about people -According to ancient prophets:
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Unformatted text preview: -People need to repent for sin, turn back to God & wait for restoration for nation-Similar to Apocalyptic view-People need to repent in preparaition for the day of the lord-Rightious ppl continue to suffer-Need to wait for God’s intervention longer than believed-Theological changes-Political changes since prophetic era-Rise of overwhelming dynasties (Persia, Greece, Rome)-Why do rulers who worship other gods and provoke violence & warfare continue to prosper?-God has allowed evil to rule on earth but God has not given up on creation & will redeem it-God is waiting and being patient giving ppls a chance to turn from evil ways meanwhile justice is being held off-Time is coming when God will come and intervene-Day of Justice will come-Wide spread in time of Jesus & Mark-Dead sea scrolls-Mark & many early Christians shared apocalyptic views of world-Life of Jesus lived in this climate, mark wrote in climate-...
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Apocolyptic Theology - -People need to repent for sin turn...

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