Eschatology - -Eschatology-The doctrine of the end or...

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-Eschatology-The “doctrine of the end” or “creation’s culmination” -Key to Christian Eschatology is hope, firmly convinced god will establish new order of justice, equity, peace & joy -Eschatology is effort to articulate this hope by reading the scripture & applying human reason to what is found there in an effort to understand how this hope should orient the present life of christians -Pop. Esch. Tends to emphasize the literal return of Christ & even the rapture of Christians & punishment of sinners in hell -Emphasizes 2 biblical text in exclusion to others: Daniel & Revelations -^^text are apocalyptic -Text are meant to be read literally -Eschatology in larger perspective from scripture perspective -1 Reserection of Christ makes reserection of all who are in Christ possible -Means death is not final word -2 God’s reign promises better future, a place for all the souls and bodies to live -Not heavenly existence but a recreation of heaven & earth -3 Christian hope requires living in the present moment as if one were a citizen of god’s
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Eschatology - -Eschatology-The doctrine of the end or...

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