God's Attributes

God's Attributes - -anticristian theology-God's...

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God's attributes -Transcendent   -God is above creation   -Great in power than anything on earth or universe its self   -Unapproachable (rejected my traditional christian thought)   -Talks, doesnt get dirty -Imminent   -Involved with creation   -God makes man from dirt/clay -God is Unbegotten -God is primary (nothing prior or basic than God) -God is eternal -God is ground of existence -God's knowledge   -Know's things that creatures cant know   -Know's what has been and what will be   -Omnicent (All knowing)   -higher level of knowledge   -Example: Dog & Human -God's power   -God ALMIGHTY   -Bring existence out of non-existence   -Omnipotent (all powerful)   -God's power is so great everything we do is pre-determined by god's power   -Distant (deism)
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Unformatted text preview: -anticristian theology-God's Omni-present -God is everywhere -present to all creation -loving, care, forgiving, punish, angry I believe most people see God as immanent. I have always been taught that God is always with us, God is all knowing, God loves everyone of his children, God will protect us. All these things reflect that God is immanent. I like to believe that God is more immanent than transcendent because I always go to God in prayer. I feel like God is there and I can "speak" to God about anything and everything. Knowing that God is as involved with us as we are with each other gives you a sense of comfort knowing that no matter where you are in any situation, God is there and will protect you....
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  • Unbegotten, non­existence   ­Omnipotent, traditional christian thought, attributes ­Transcendent   ­God, ­anticristian theology ­God

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God's Attributes - -anticristian theology-God's...

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