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Mark Notebook Ethan Beck As you read through Mark’s gospel, answer the following questions as directed. Use this document as your framework, expanding it as necessary. Remember to read as if you don’t know this story or where it is heading. MARK 1-3 Mark 1-3 introduces us to Jesus, shows us his early success and fame, and then shows how Jesus encountered opposition from the powerful, religious leadership in Judea. What major themes do you notice already in this story? -Jesus is all powerful (He shows this in the 1 st chapter of Mark when he awes the people with his power when the fishermen followed him and the way he taught and when the unclean man obeyed him, when he cast out the demons and cured all the people who came to his door), People speak when you tell them not to (This is shown at the end of the 1st chapter when the man with leprosy went out and made it to where Jesus couldn’t come into the towns because everyone knew of him after Jesus told the man not to tell just to show the priest), Seeing is believing (This is shown in the 2 nd chapter when the people who brought the paralyzed man didn’t think telling him his sins were forgiven was enough, they had to see the paralyzed man be able to walk) What struck you as unexpected or unusual? -Jesus didn’t want anyone to know about his powers or who he was. He always told everyone he helped to be silent, not to tell anyone, but to show what had happened and spread the word of God. Where do you expect Mark to take this story next? If you had to predict at this point what will happen next, what would you say? -The 12 Apostles will go out and spread the word of God, but I feel that they, or at least some of them will betray God, they will not stand up and defend him because they are not willing to put their own life at risk. I also feel that even the people who Jesus cured will somehow turn against him. I think he will refuse some people and they will begin a rebellion against Jesus. What is important about Jesus, so far, in this story? What is remarkable about him? Why should the reader care about Jesus? -Jesus has cured so many people with just his touch. Jesus has not once told the people he has cured to go and tell how great he is and what he has done. Jesus went into the forest and was tested by Satan for 40 days and did not once fall into his traps. Jesus is curing and cleansing so many people and he asks nothing of them but to be quiet and share the Gospel of God, to spread the word of God. This is all he has asked for in return. MARK 4 What have we learned about Jesus as a teacher from Mark 4? -He only teaches in parables. Jesus tries to compare the kingdom of Heaven and all the paths that can be taken to something on Earth. He wants people to hear and learn and understand, not just
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hear and not learn. Jesus wants the people to learn to trust him and have faith instead of panicking every time they feel trouble is ahead. How does this part of Jesus’ portrait fit with the material we’ve already read, about his power,
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Mark Notebook - Mark Notebook Ethan Beck As you read...

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