Paul Video - -All ready & not yet kingdom of...

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-Paul-Apostle to the Gentiles -Devout Jew who opposed early messianic movement -Actively persecuted that movement -Had a vision of risen lord on the way to demascis -Slightly younger contemporary of Jesus & 12 apostles -Don’t know when born. But letters date to mid 50’s -Calls himself old man -Died during neros persecution in rome in year 64 -Prior, paul had traveled extensively throughout roman world -Claiming that resurrection of Jesus had created shift in ages -old ages sinned in justice & death had been defeated -new age of justice and righteousness & life beginning to be born -2 circles overlapping represent old age & new age -Old age continues from adam and moses all the way up to time to time of jesus death & resurrection -Paul says new age has begun but some of old age is still around -Old age will be around until Jesus returns, but when he returns he’ll bring judgement on nations & establish gods kingdom -New age will be fully found everywhere -Inbetween resurrection of Jesus & his return, one is existing are both in old & new age
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Unformatted text preview: -All ready & not yet kingdom of God-Created for paul an opportunity & challenge-Oppurtunity: Gentiles non jews, welcomed into community that was waiting for gods kingdom-Challenge: Not many gentiles, jews found this to be a problem, tried to resolve it-Pauls letter to galations most forceful effort to resolve problem-Deeply uncompromising on one key point-Proposed solution in acts gentiles should be circumsized-Make existence in community so much easier-Make gentiles into Jews-Strange awkward fit-Paul says distortion of true gospel-Letter to galation-Why are gentiles in position-Being jews or non jews?-Divide world into 2 groups-Gentiles stop worsihipin idols & sinful practices but dont fully attatch to God-Dont fully convert to Judaism-Where do they fit w/ convenant w/ Abraham/ promise on mount cyanide?-paul has specific answers to questions-Pauls rivals wanted gentiles to convert to Judaism-Pauls answer is no they must not-^Circumsision...
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Paul Video - -All ready & not yet kingdom of...

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